Policies :


Covid-19 Update - 

We ensure that BDA is continually up to date with the latest government COVID-19 recommendations and restrictions regarding the health and safety of all families. 

Preparation: BDA is regularly cleaned to meet COVID-19 standards.

Upon Arrival: Students must sanitise their hands upon arrival. It is recommended that parents and carers remain in the car park, however, if they do need to enter the studio they must sanitise their hands and sign in using the QR code upon arrival. 

All Staff: All teachers will wear a face mask when in the reception and foyer, however, will not wear a face mask when teaching. Instead they will maintain 1.5m social distancing when possible. 

Drink Breaks: It is imperative that students bring their own drink bottles to class. 

Cleaning Before and After Class; The centre is fitted with multiple cleaning stations. Before and after each class all surfaces, equipment, and bathrooms will be thoroughly cleaned. 

Enrolments and Student Registration

An enrolment form can be obtained on the newsletters and forms page of the website , or can be provided for each student, it is important that these details are completed and submitted to administration at the front desk prior to class commencement.

Re-enrolment into classes each term is automatic, unless specified by a parent/ caregiver in writing to administration.

Child Protection

BDA is legally and morally obligated to report all concerns of child abuse and child safety to the authorities. The police or the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) will be contacted if an employee forms the belief that a child has been abused or is at risk of being abused. BDA is committed to ensuring a child safe environment; all allegations will be treated seriously.

Social Medial and Photography

Staff may take photographs and videos of students for teaching, training, and promotional purposes, unless otherwise specified in writing. Families not wishing to have their children’s images taken or used, must put it in writing on the website permission form.

Parents are not permitted to take photos or videos of their children in class. This is in accordance with Australian Child Protection Laws.

Behaviour Conduct

BDA expects that respect be shown at all times. Gossip, verbal aggression or physical assault towards students or staff will strictly not be tolerated. Those demonstrating these behaviours may be asked to leave the premises.


BDA has a strict anti-bullying policy. Bullying will not be tolerated. All incidents of bullying are taken seriously and will be managed on a case-by-case basis. Members who have experienced bullying are strongly encouraged to talk with their teacher or the Principal to ensure all issues are swiftly resolved.


Should a student or employee have a grievance, they must put it in writing to the Principal. The Principal will review the grievance and organise a meeting to discuss the issue. BDA will take all reasonable steps to attempt to resolve all grievances.